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GENT S4-770-S (Optical Heat Sensor Sounder)

GENT Vigilon

GENT S4-770-S (Optical Heat Sensor Sounder)

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The S4-770 is an Analogue Addressable Multisensor (Optical Smoke & Heat) with an integral sounder built into the unit.

S-Quad leads the industry in fire sensing technology. A complete range of devices sensors with a unique combination of sensing elements to provide quick, intelligent fire decisions.

The innovative S-Quad multi-sensor is capable of detecting the products of combustion such as heat, smoke and carbon monoxide. Smoke detection is enhanced using patented dual optical scatter technology. This allows it to be configured to filter specific risks such as steam and dust, resulting in significantly reduced false alarms.

S-Quad’s inherent flexibility means it can be programmed to suit specific site applications. Different sensitivity states are set to incorporate combinations of optical, dual optical, heat and CO sensing elements. States can be selected depending on the different conditions in a room or a time period when interference may be more likely.


• Complete range of sensors with combinations of advanced sensing technologies including heat, dual angle optical scatter and carbon monoxide (CO)

• Combined sensing of carbon monoxide with dual angle optical scatter and heat allows a higher level of false alarm immunity in presence of steam and while still maintaining the integrity of detecting fi res

• Each sensor has certified sensitivity settings that suit certain environments/ applications and may be programmed for different times of the day if required

• Short circuit Isolator in each device

• Configurable input/ output connection for remote indicator or supervisory input fully synchronised sound patterns via the control panel

• Sensor sounders have adjustable sound level and tones to match system sounders

• Sounder element monitoring and over-load protection to ensure operation even in event of cable fault

• Sound output synchronised and compatible with S-Quad range of EN54-23 VADs

Compatable with S4-700 S-Quad Base, Sold Seperately 

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